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We Are Concealed Carry Fanatics…

At Trigger Craft we have one goal; to get as many responsible individuals comfortable enough with firearms to carry them everyday. This is our mission, and it's weaved into everything we do. We work tirelessly to offer the BEST concealed carry and defensive firearms training in the Kansas City area, and student satisfaction is #1 priority for our team. We have strict limits on class size, so you can feel comfortable learning at your own pace from friendly, respectful, and experienced instructors who genuinely enjoy what they do.

Our Instructors...

  • NRA Pistol Certified
  • KS and MO State Certified
  • Friendly and Experienced
  • Friendly and Respectful
  • Pour heart and soul into each class

Our Location...

  • Private classroom, equipped for learning
  • Private, clean indoor shooting range
  • Quick 20-40 minute drive
  • Comfortable, relaxed and inviting
  • Safe and secure

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    Ron Avery, Science of the Draw
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  • Missouri CCW Permit Process Changes
    Missouri CCW Permit Process Changes
    This is a few months old, but a lot of applicants still don’t know about these updates. Applications will now be processed by each Sheriff’s department, and not sent to the state. This is great because it should speed up...
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  • Media Ignorance 1
    Media Ignorance 1
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  • KS CCH Class Overview
    Kansas Concealed Carry Class Overview
    In this video, Zack walks through the 9 key sections of the Trigger Craft Kansas Concealed Carry (KS CCH) course. It’s a full 8-hour day of concealed carry laws, gear, and learning… And we work very hard to make sure...
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Lead Instructor: Zack Pike

Our Lead Firearms Instructor, Zack Pike, currently teaches all Missouri and Kansas concealed carry courses. Zack’s experience in competition, training with the nation’s top trainers, and extensive product testing is just the ticket to making your course fun and engaging. Zack is a true “student of the gun” and holds an immense amount of respect for the individuals who are willing to put in the time to obtain their concealed carry permit... Regardless of experience level.